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"Antique Lamp - Bronze and Chinese Enameled Porcelain - Parakeet - Period : Early XXth" Charming little antique lamp, carefully mounted and original, of a very beautiful Chinese porcelain, white and yellow enamel, representing a parakeet with folded wings, the serene look perched on a rocky openwork base. Period: Qing Dynasty. Circa: 1900-1910
Fine Art, Decorative Objects

Ceramic Elephant Head, China

Glazed Ceramic Elephant Head, China, late Quin Dynasty, late 19th century (Hunan Province)
Vases, Vessels and Trays

Vases of Satsuma, Meiji period

Pair of Satsuma Ceramic Vases Mounted on French Bronze, Meiji period, 19th century
A pair of ewers with bronze decoration in the Louis XV style, 19th century In celadon porcelain and gilt bronze. Original gilding. The celadon refers to both a colour and a type of ceramic specific to China and the Far East. Height 32 cm Width 18 cm Depth 14 cm
Desk Accessories, Inkwells, Letter Openers...

Calligraphy Box

Calligraphy box with 2 brushes, dry ink, a plate for working with ink and a small porcelain container with spoon in the original box.
Vases, Vessels and Trays

Pair of Porcelain Covered Vases

Pair of Porcelain Covered Vases with white-blue hand-painted decoration. China, 20th century.
Very Important Satsuma Porcelain Lamp, mounted in Gilt Bronze and silk shade (very damaged, but historical), 19th century, Napoleon III period, Great decoration.
Vases, Vessels and Trays

A pair of Porcelain Covered Vases

A pair of Porcelain Covered Vases with roosters and hens, bearing an apocryphal imperial mark. China, 20th century.
Pair of Copper Vases decorated with silver, Near East, 19th century. Gift from the city of Damascus for the 2000th anniversary of Paris, 6 July 1951.
Suite of 3 netsukes called "katabori" (in the shape of human being or animals), representing three merchants of victuals, rice, fruits, one is lying down near his goods, the two others are standing. Period: Menji - 1868-1912 Circa: 1870 - 1900
Vases, Vessels and Trays

Pair of Porcelain Flower Pots

Pair of Porcelain Flower Pots decorated with phoenixes moving among floral scrolls. Four small dragon or lion head handles. On the border an inscription. Very beautiful deep blue. Perfect state of conservation. China, 20th century.

Terracotta Eagle

Terracotta Eagle Japanese work, Meiji Era, late 19th century
Vases, Vessels and Trays

Imari Cup

Imari Cup Length: 52 cm, width: 36 cm
Boxes, Decorative Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Cigar Boxes

Tea Box, 19th Century

Tea box, 19th century, China H: 15 cm, W: 23 cm, D: 17 cm

Bronze Buddha

Bronze Buddha, 20th century.H: 26 cm, W: 20 cm, D: 10 cm
Vases, Vessels and Trays

Cup, Pink Family

Cup, Pink Family, 19th century.D: 35 cm, h: 15 cm
Pair of Antique and Gilded Bronze Sculptures on Wooden Pedestal, 19th century, Japan, Meiji Period.H: 23 cm, W: 11 cm, D: 8 cmH: 20 cm, W: 11 cm, D: 8 cm
Guanyin holding a scepter in one hand and a porcelain lotus leaf basket in the other. White China. Double mark on the back. Perfect condition. Measures: H 47 cm, W 18 cm, L 12 cm.
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