Ceramics and Porcelain

Ceramics and Porcelain

Bizen pottery shishi, Japan, late Edo period, 19th century, by placing a cup filled with incense under the object, the incense wisps out of the open mouth. Perfect condition. No restoration. Firing crack on the inside.  H: 14.5 cm, W: 25 cm, D: 18 cm
A pair of blue and white porcelain vases with flowers and foliage.  China, 20th century. Perfect condition. H: 43 cm, d: 22 cm
Vases, Vessels and Trays

Japan Grand Burner-Perfume

Satsuma-Yaki Japan Grand Burner-Perfume Porcelain from the Meiji Era (1868 - 1912) H: 34cm, W: 28cm, D: 25cm
Vases, Vessels and Trays

Cup, Pink Family

Cup, Pink Family, 19th century.D: 35 cm, h: 15 cm
Porcelain vase decorated with floral scrolls, taken in the shape of a golden Fô dog's head.Apocryphal Kien-Long stamp, China, Republic period around 1960.Perfect condition. H: 28 cm, d: 22.5 cm
Guanyin holding a scepter in one hand and a porcelain lotus leaf basket in the other. White China. Double mark on the back. Perfect condition. Measures: H 47 cm, W 18 cm, L 12 cm.
Buddha sitting on a lotus flower in enameled terracotta, yellow and green ochre, circa 1930. Measures: H 47 cm, L 28 cm, W 20 cm.
Vases, Vessels and Trays

Vase, Chinese, Asian Art

Vase, Chinese, Asian art, early twentieth century. h: 35cm, d: 26cm.
Importance Chinese lamp from the beginning of the 20th Century mounted on gold gilt bronze.
Important Chinese Porcelain lamp C.1890 - 1900. Mounted on a base of hand carved wood. h: 94cm, D: 60cm.
Imari China Porcelain Table Lamp of the 19th Century Mounted on a Gold Gilt Bronze Base, Decorated in a Floral Motif.Diamètre : 36 cmHauteur : 57 cm