Folk Art, Sport, Toys

Folk Art, Sport, Toys

Fine Art, Decorative Objects

Large African mask, 1930's

"Large African mask, 1930's" Large round African mask in wood, from the 1930s.
Mask signed by Friedrich Goldscheider and Haniroff Terracotta wall mask, representing a young boy's head wearing a cap. Circa 1900. On the mask are two signatures, one by Friedrich Goldscheider (1845-1897) on the left cap and one on the right cap by Haniroff. Number 1617/59/44 inscribed on top of the mask.
Folk Art, Sport, Toys

Atlas tennis racket

Atlas tennis racket, For Championship Play, by J. Gauthier Fils, 1970.
Vases, Vessels and Trays

African Art Vase

African Art Vase, Wood, 20th century.H: 29 cm, D: 17 cm
Tin toy, Bear with tambourine, not working, to be restored, very decorative.H: 24 cm, W: 19 cm, D: 19 cm
Folk Art, Sport, Toys

Candle holder, Folk Art

Candle holder, Folk Art, when the candle is extinguished and closed, the figure is replaced and smoke comes out of the mouth. Carved wood, 1950.H: 15 cm, W: 12.5 cm, D: 6.5 cm.
Furniture, Case Pieces and Storage Cabinets

Chest of the XVIIth Century

17th Century Oak Chest with its Keyh: 25cm, w: 37cm, d: 23cm
Folk Art, Sport, Toys

Ancient Iron Spur.

Ancient Iron Spur. l: 10cm, l: 19cm, h: 6cm
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