Small and large sculptures, antique, vintage, modern 

Gilded Bronze Putto - 19th century Delightful gilded bronze putto, finely chiseled. The whole rests on a rectangular base, also in yellow marble of Siena.
"Pair Of Brown Patina Bronzes - Children Musicians - Auguste Moreau - Barbedienne Casting - XIXth Century" Charming pair of antique bronzes with original brown patina, the casting is Barbedienne and presents a chasing of great finesse, each bronze rests on a base in griotte marble from Italy.
Fine Art, Decorative Objects

Two Swans by Lalique

Two Swans on a mirror tray, Lalique crystal, 1950, 20th century, large decoration.
Fine Art, Decorative Objects

Ceramic Elephant Head, China

Glazed Ceramic Elephant Head, China, late Quin Dynasty, late 19th century (Hunan Province)

Large Statue in Regula

Large Statue in Regula Large regula statue with brown patina, HINDOU engraved on the base, late 19th century. In perfect condition
Bronze Figure Melody by Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse BRONZE FIGURE REPRESENTING MELODY AFTER A MODEL BY ALBERT-ERNEST CARRIER-BELLEUSE (1824-1887), FRANCE, MID 19TH CENTURY Signed 'A. CARRIER. BELLEUSE HORS. COMPETITION The sculpture is presented on a green and white marble column of rectangular shape.

Ceramic bust "Velléda"

Ceramic bust of Louis-Robert Carrier-Belleuse (1848-1913) "Velléda".
Bronze "Amours holding the helmet", Napoleon III period, 1863. It has an interior that can be used as a planter or a pocket.

Diane with her Dog

Diane with her dog, bronze sculpture, Napoleon III period, 19th century. Signed Aizelin and foundry Barbedienne.
Planters, Cachepots and Jardinières

Bronze "The Talking Well"

Bronze "The Talking Well". It has an interior that can be used as a planter Signature Paul Mengin (1853-1937) Period 1900
Mask signed by Friedrich Goldscheider and Haniroff Terracotta wall mask, representing a young boy's head wearing a cap. Circa 1900. On the mask are two signatures, one by Friedrich Goldscheider (1845-1897) on the left cap and one on the right cap by Haniroff. Number 1617/59/44 inscribed on top of the mask.

Bronze of a Dog

Bronze of a Dog by Thomas - Trançois Cartier (1879 - 1936).
Bronze statuette of a Woman adorned with a Flowery Hair: Bronze by Maurice-Giraud Rivière (1881-1947), standing on a green veined marble base.
Suite of 3 netsukes called "katabori" (in the shape of human being or animals), representing three merchants of victuals, rice, fruits, one is lying down near his goods, the two others are standing. Period: Menji - 1868-1912 Circa: 1870 - 1900
Gilt bronze group, 19th century Gilded bronze group resting on a very nice griotte marble, representing Sarpedon, Lycian hero who took part in the Trojan war against the Achaeans, bending his bow with a quiver and arrows at his feet.  Period : 19th century Circa : 1878

Biscuit Statue

Biscuit Statue Late 19th century. Beautiful little figurine representing a little girl on a bench with her doll on the side, trying to thread a needle.
Biscuit and Gilt Bronze Group Late 19th century. In the taste of the XVIIIth century, with biscuit figures on a wooden base upholstered in red silk velvet. In perfect condition. Signed on the terrace REGNAUTS
Fine Art, Decorative Objects

Carved Marble Bird

Carved marble bird resting on a rock with rough crystals, 20th century.

Terracotta Eagle

Terracotta Eagle Japanese work, Meiji Era, late 19th century
Sculpture made with a soldering iron. It is entitled "Black Eagle", Jean-Alexandre Delattre It is titled and signed on the base. It is a unique piece.
Large glazed ceramic print entitled: "The Arab Dignitary".  Engraved in a rectangular cartouche, "Fr. Goldscheider, Wien" and numbered "905" on the back of the wall.   
GOLDSCHEIDER terracotta signed GROSS, the water carrier. H: 110 cm x W: 40 cm x D: 30 cm 20th century

Sheep in Resin

Sheep in Resin, signed and numbered, contemporary art. H: 61 cm, W: 81 cm, D: 24 cm
Bronze sculpture of a Cymbal player by J. Sanson. Rome, late 19th or early 20th century. H: 73 cm, W: 34 cm, D: 26 cm
Regula sculpture by August Moreau, Elegant in Clothes, 19th century, Napoleon III period H: 54 cm, W: 25 cm, D: 36 cm
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