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Terracotta Eagle

Terracotta Eagle Japanese work, Meiji Era, late 19th century
Sculpture made with a soldering iron. It is entitled "Black Eagle", Jean-Alexandre Delattre It is titled and signed on the base. It is a unique piece.
Terracotta Sculpture - Grasso - Circa : 1950-1960 Magnificent group of sculptures in fine terracotta, representing 5 Franciscan friars in a reading room. They are debating together.  This work was made by the ceramist Grasso, in the province of Catania, Sicily, the only one capable of making such perfect miniature figures of unequalled finesse. 
Large glazed ceramic print entitled: "The Arab Dignitary".  Engraved in a rectangular cartouche, "Fr. Goldscheider, Wien" and numbered "905" on the back of the wall.   
Bronze signed Clodion, with patina and griotte marble, 19th century, Napoleon III period.
Bizen pottery shishi, Japan, late Edo period, 19th century, by placing a cup filled with incense under the object, the incense wisps out of the open mouth. Perfect condition. No restoration. Firing crack on the inside.  H: 14.5 cm, W: 25 cm, D: 18 cm
GOLDSCHEIDER terracotta signed GROSS, the water carrier. H: 110 cm x W: 40 cm x D: 30 cm 20th century

Sheep in Resin

Sheep in Resin, signed and numbered, contemporary art. H: 61 cm, W: 81 cm, D: 24 cm
Pair of Statuettes in Lorraine Terracotta - Early 19th century The first one is called "Le Berger Pâris" after Nicolas François Gillet. The second is entitled "The Bather" after Maurice Falconet. A nymph going down to the bath.
Alabaster sculpture of Ruth, 19th century, Napoleon III period. H: 52 cm, W: 22 cm, D: 28 cm
Bronze sculpture of a Cymbal player by J. Sanson. Rome, late 19th or early 20th century. H: 73 cm, W: 34 cm, D: 26 cm
Regula sculpture by August Moreau, Elegant in Clothes, 19th century, Napoleon III period H: 54 cm, W: 25 cm, D: 36 cm
Bronze sculpture of a Little Monkey hanging on a branch by the artist Tassel 4/8, signed.H: 23 cm, W: 17 cm, D: 20 cm
Orientalist statue by Franz BergmannBRONZE FROM VIENNA SIGNED BY FRANZ BERGMANNORIENTALISTBEAUTIFUL PATINUMEND OF THE 19TH CENTURYWidth of base : 30 cmHeight : 37 cmwidth of the statue : 17 cm
Alabaster Figurine Of A Small ChildBEAUTIFUL ALABASTER LITTLE CHILD FIGURINE PLAYING ON AN ENGRAVED ONYX CUSHION.Width : 23 cmHeight : 33 cmDepth : 23 cm
Console Tables, Pedestals and Columns

Chimera, Carved Wood Console

Chimera, Carved Wood Console, 19th century, Napoleon III period.H: 93 cm, W: 38 cm, D: 45 cm

Bronze Buddha

Bronze Buddha, 20th century.H: 26 cm, W: 20 cm, D: 10 cm
Elegant Mirror StatueCharming statue of an elegant woman admiring herself in a mirror.Beautiful white marble base.20th Century45x 75cm
Venetian Dancing CoupleMurano, 20 century, in perfect conditionH: 23 cm, W: 12 cm, base D: 9 cm
Important Bronze sculpture, self-portrait by Raphael Schwartz. Early 20th century, 1912.H: 90 cm, W: 40 cm, D: 40 cm
New treasures

Bust of a child

Bust of a child Bust of a child by Alexandre Brongniart Marked Porcelain C Tharaud Limoges FranceMiddle of the twentieth centuryHeight: approx. 41 cm
Statue in alabaster representing a little girl sitting on a stool and playing with shoes .Art nouveau period . In good condition . Height : 40 cm / Width : 16cm / Depth : 24 cm
Bronze statue signed MOREAU XIXthBronze statue showing two young girls, sculpture in bronze with a brown patina, signed MOREAU (1822-1912) H: 60 cm, d: 30 cm

Head of a Feline

Head of a Feline, Patinated Bronze 8/8, artist Jean Vassil.H: 26cm, W: 22cm, D: 30cm

Bronze Elephant

Bronze Elephant, Bronze Patina, by Adrien David, artist's proof,1/4, 2019.H: 36 cm, W: 78 cm, D: 25 cm
Bronze Gorilla "The Thinker", Bronze Patina, by Adrien David, 2/8, 2020.H: 44 cm, W: 20 cm, D: 27 cm
Sculpture of Diana in Metal and Brass Base, 19th century, Napoleon III.H: 30 cm, W: 17 cm, D: 10 cm
Gilt Bronze Sculpture on Marble Base, Horse Rider, 19th century, Napoleon III period, signed E. Frémiet.H: 47 cm, W: 37 cm, D: 21 cm
19th century Carrara marble representing Saint John the Baptist.H: 30 cm, W: 43 cm, D: 17 cm
Art Nouveau Female Bust in Alabaster, Socle Composed of two blocks of alabaster, unsigned.H: 51 cm, W: 30 cm, D: 16 cm
Pair of Antique and Gilded Bronze Sculptures on Wooden Pedestal, 19th century, Japan, Meiji Period.H: 23 cm, W: 11 cm, D: 8 cmH: 20 cm, W: 11 cm, D: 8 cm
Pair of patinated bronzes Sculptures Horace and Curiace, after David's painting "The Intervention of the Sabines", base in yellow marble from Siena. French work circa 1830. One of the arms moves a little. H: 20 cm, W: 17 cm, D: 8 cm.
Guanyin holding a scepter in one hand and a porcelain lotus leaf basket in the other. White China. Double mark on the back. Perfect condition. Measures: H 47 cm, W 18 cm, L 12 cm.
Buddha sitting on a lotus flower in enameled terracotta, yellow and green ochre, circa 1930. Measures: H 47 cm, L 28 cm, W 20 cm.