Bronze Sculpture by Jean Vassil at the Martynoff Gallery

Bronze Sculpture by Jean Vassil at the Martynoff Gallery



Jean Vassil is a self-taught contemporary artist specialized in animal sculpture. Passionate and sensitive to the respect of the environment and the preservation of biodiversity, Vassil almost instinctively chooses the animal as the unique subject of his work.  The animal is, for him, a means to express more easily what he could not have done with another subject. 

Through his art, Vassil glorifies all aspects of existence. His sculptures are expressive and full of movement. It is a perfect blend of figurative and analytical rigour of anatomy where the expressionism of his work is sometimes exacerbated. Thus each piece has a story and shows the familiarity that humans can have with the animal kingdom. He thus transmits the strength of the original emotions common to the species of which Man is also a part. Life truly emanates from his sculptures.
In the course of his career, Jean Vassil will have received numerous awards including the Silver Medal at the European Academy of Arts France in 2012 and the Silver Medal at the Salon des Artistes Français in the same year.
Bronze became his preferred material in 1999. His demanding approach imposes on the work this material, the holding of which allows full freedom in the creation of aerial movements and group interactions.

The Martynoff Gallery offers for purchase a sculpture by the artist Jean Vassil representing a bear and her cub. It is numbered and bears the stamp of the Chapon foundry. This bronze piece can be found on the gallery's website and on its walls.

Visual: Bronze Sculpture By Jean Vassil, Counting Art, Bear And Her Little © Martynoff Gallery

Noémie Dumanois

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