Retrospective: Milan Design Week - 2019

The works presented are therefore high-quality and original decorative elements. This originality is reflected in the combination of different materials, such as leather or silk, with other materials such as bamboo, porcelain or mahogany. The exhibition also aimed to highlight the richness of the smallest object. Thus, a lamp, a box, a plaid, a fruit basket are made perfectly remarkable by artists and craftsmen, they become beautiful objects. Their destination remains, however, the natural use of the object; the lamp is turned on and off, the box is used for storage, etc...

Here are some works, with their artists.

Tomas Alonso's lightweight lamps

This Spanish designer has designed a series of lamps, marked by an extreme lightness. By working with bamboo, paper and copper-plated steel, he has achieved this fragile and poetic balance.

Gianpaolo Pagni: the horse-drawn carriage takes shape

Gianpaolo Pagni's "Hippomobiles" motifs take on relief on plaids. Translated into brightly coloured cashmere appliqués and embroidered with pearls, the geometric shapes add volume and contrast with the equestrian design.

Barber and Osgerby, from porcelain to granite

In granite or porcelain, intense black or translucent white, the Halo and Hecate lamps are both opposed and similar. Created by British designers Barber & Osgerby, their archetypal lines play with the strengths of their respective materials.

Joséphine Ciaudo, the art of leather marquetry

Joséphine Ciaudo plays with the bright colours and contrasting patterns of the jockeys' helmets. These patterns, worked in leather marquetry, dress the mahogany of the boxes. A meticulous combination of skins with different grains, smooth or textured.

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