Le printemps des Puces 2019

Le printemps des Puces 2019



We invite you to discover artisans, creators, and exceptional objects from MAY 16 TO JUNE 30, 2019 in the prestigious alleys of these two markets. The event will begin with a vernissage on MAY 16 FROM 7 PM.

«Le printemps des Puces: un marchand un artiste», the Biron Market and the Dauphine Market join forces once again to shake the Bullets and celebrate artistic creation in all its forms!

This year, in the Dauphine Gallery, and in the Futuro House, on the first floor, the Marché Dauphine will host in collaboration with the Centre National Des Arts Plastiques, an immersion in the heart of sound and visual works.

The Biron Market will offer you in its exhibition halls, an exceptional presentation dedicated to art artisans. It is an opportunity to celebrate the precious know-how of the Maugein workshops, a French company of living heritage, and to celebrate together, with excellence, the 100 years of the mythical manufacture. Designer Katherine Pradeau, known for her many years of integrating different know-how, offers a luxurious collection of minaudière bags and boxes in accordion colours.

Meet artists such as jewellery designer Ella K, designer Alexandre Taveau, sculptor Janine Margalef Piñol. Discover the beautiful prints of Hiroto Norikane at Rozali'Art Gallery, photographer Christelle Fileccia and many other talented artists.

Let us share together the pleasure of discovering contemporary works that will be the antiquities of tomorrow.

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