Fashion photographs by Robert-Jean Chapuis (1929-2010)

Fashion photographs by Robert-Jean Chapuis (1929-2010) at the Martynoff Gallery

Born in Lyon in 1929, Robert-Jean Chapuis is a French photographer, designer and sculptor. Known for his rigor and his requirement, he will carry throughout his career a great importance to the lines and the volumes which coexist and intermingle in elegant and purified compositions in order to give an account of the terrestrial and human reality.

After studying in the artistic world, the photographer initially turned to rather classical themes. He works on several series and deals with subjects such as rurality in France or landscape.
Close to the Bauhaus and the Hungarian photographer André Kertész, Chapuis then turned to a more abstract universe by working on volumes and architectural solids that would later melt the essence of his style.

From the 1960s to 1970s, Robert Chapuis became a leading figure in the fashion magazine l'Officiel. A much sought-after photographer, he distinguished himself by his attention to his compositions with a very geometrical aspect, referring to the Bauhaus and the avant-garde of the inter-war period. Through inventive framing, Chapuis thinks of his models as a mathematical composition capturing a fleeting and spontaneous moment. He was even rewarded in 1976 with the Kodak Prize for photography criticism.

His ever-growing fame gives him an important notoriety in the fashion and advertising world. He will be at the origin of many advertising campaigns for the big names in cosmetics.
Its easily recognizable style, marked by the formalism of the Bauhaus, is characterized by the purity of its modernist lines and its compositions approaching perfection.

The end of his career is marked by a return to his roots where Chapuis resumes his research as a humanist photographer. He works again on landscape but this time with color film. This period of end of life reveals another facet of the artist, much more sensitive and personal revealing an inner work.
Robert-Jean Chapuis passed away in 2010.

About ten photographs signed Robert-Jean Chapuis can be found on the Gallery's website.

Visual: Fashion photography by photographer Robert-Jean Chapuis, 1960-1980, Paris © Galerie Martynoff