Jean Dunand's Gaming Table

Jean Dunand, a famous decorative artist of the 1920s and 1930s, is an emblematic figure of Art Deco. Trained by the Japanese lacquer master Seizo Sugawara, his techniques, such as cast inlay or lacquer on metal, made him famous as early as 1912.
Among his emblematic works, we will notably retain this spectacular and prestigious games table, accompanied by four retractable armchairs, commissioned by the dressmaker Madeleine Vionnet. This piece was intended for the library of her Parisian apartment.

Dating from 1929-1930, this black lacquered wooden table has an egg shell checkerboard top at its heart. It also has four retractable metal corner shelves. Its square-section corner base opens with a drawer and surmounts a door revealing a sycamore wood interior with shelves and a tubular nickel-plated metal frame. With its monumentality, this object is characteristic of the aesthetics of the applied arts of the 1920s and 1930s inherited from the Vienna Secession thanks to the simplicity of its forms, the care taken with details and the accuracy of its proportions.
This game table can be presented in several days depending on the placement of the chairs. When the chairs are arranged, it appears as a gigantic cube, making it a decorative object in its own right. Each armchair has the particularity that its back and seat can be embedded in the table.
This prestigious lot goes on sale at Artcurial on 12 June 2012.

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