20th century Hermes advertising 

Hermes ad published in Harper's Bazaar magazine, February 2010

Hermes logo on an orange leather background, bordered with black leather. This motif is used for the storage boxes of the brand's products.

Since 1837, Hermès has remained true to its artisanal model and humanistic values. The freedom to create, the constant search for the finest materials, and the transmission of excellent know-how, all of which allow us to create useful, durable and elegant objects, have forged the uniqueness of the Hermès House.

The story begins in Paris, in the harness workshop opened by Thierry Hermès on rue Basse-du-Rempart. From the beginning, he understood and anticipated his clients' expectations, their desire for simplicity and lightness in a city that was buzzing with the movement of modernity. His harnesses were discreetly finesse and at the same time extremely resistant: a technical feat that was rewarded in 1867 at the Universal Exhibition of Art and Industry in Paris.

Charles-Émile Hermès, son of Thierry Hermès, moved the workshops to 24, Faubourg Saint-Honoré and opened a store. At this now iconic address, people came to have custom-made harnesses and saddles made. The company became known throughout Europe for the excellence of its creations.

During the interwar years, lifestyles changed and the company innovated under the direction of Émile Hermès, son of Charles-Émile. Hermès offered items adapted to society, moving from saddlery and harness to leather goods. With a simple idea, Émile Hermès made a decisive impact on the family business. On a trip to Canada, he was fascinated by the system for opening and closing the hood of a military car: an American "all-around closer". In 1922, he obtained exclusive rights to this system, now known as the Éclair zipper, which was widely applied to the company's luggage.

Throughout his life, Émile Hermès fervently assembled a vast collection of works, books, objects and curiosities. Constantly enriched by his successors, it continues to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the company's creations.

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Square of 90cm of side "LA MARCHE DU ZAMBEZE" in silk

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