Portraits of Dealer, Simon Martynoff of the Galerie Martynoff

Portraits of Dealer, Simon Martynoff of the Galerie Martynoff



Since 2003 right in the heart of the market Biron de Saint Ouen, the Gallery Martynoff plunges the professionals and the amateurs in full historic dumping thanks to its furniture and works of art of exception. Real finds, these Antiques dating the XVIIIth, XIXth and in the beginning of the XXth century are quite evaluated and restored. Chandeliers, armchairs, mirrors and decorative objects, Simon Martynoff restores life with real hidden treasures.

With the launch of our new website, the Gallery is increasingly increasing its international reach. It has therefore adapted to this growing demand from abroad by offering deliveries worldwide through customized country specifications.

If the brand opens the Atlantic and intends to meet new markets, it is thanks to its creator, Simon Martynoff. Formed in France, Canada and the United States, he is a clairvoyant on the global trends of the art market. These achievements allow him to cultivate his difference and success, offering you prices that combine quality and good business. Very accessible, he is very attentive to his clientele and does not hesitate to provide his best advice.

While Antique’s unique pieces have long been the flagship products of the Martynoff Gallery, contemporary art objects now share the spotlight with them. Sold in limited prints and designed by selected designers, these new collections will respond to this desire for excellence that makes our company famous.

Digital is also at the heart of the novelties of the Gallery by the introduction of an original selection of videos illustrating our tastes and our sensitivity as well as the trends of the moment.

We are very pleased to present our latest findings. Discover them on our shop.

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