Asian Art

Textiles, Paintings and Tapestries

Pair of Japanese Framed Prints Representing Geïshas.

Pair of Framed Japanese Prints Representing Geïshas. Pair of framed Japanese prints from the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th century representing Geïshas.
Fine Art, Decorative Objects

Fan, China, 19th Century

Fan, China, 19th Century Beautiful Chinese fan of Canton of the XIXth century in Bone,Paper and Silk. Ref: 3363
Perfume burner, Meiji, 19th century Important Japanese perfume burner, Meiji period, patinated bronze, 19th century.
Fine Art, Decorative Objects

Bronze perfume burner, Vietnam, 19th century

Bronze perfume burner, Vietnam, 19th century Carved wood stand, bronze perfume burner decorated with a Fô dog, Vietnam, XIXth century
Ceramics and Porcelain

Pair of Chinese porcelain vases, 20th century

Pair of Chinese porcelain vases, 20th century A pair of Chinese porcelain vases in deep emerald green, 20th century. Perfect condition (some scratches in the glaze)
A pair of covered vases with painted phoenixes among flowery landscapes. Lids surmounted by a Fô dog. Perfect condition. Probably Samson, 20th century
Important Pair of Canton Vases, China Important Pair of Canton vases, early 20th century, beautiful decoration, famille rose.
"Antique Lamp - Bronze and Chinese Enameled Porcelain - Parakeet - Period : Early XXth" Charming little antique lamp, carefully mounted and original, of a very beautiful Chinese porcelain, white and yellow enamel, representing a parakeet with folded wings, the serene look perched on a rocky openwork base. Period: Qing Dynasty. Circa: 1900-1910
Fine Art, Decorative Objects

Ceramic Elephant Head, China

Glazed Ceramic Elephant Head, China, late Quin Dynasty, late 19th century (Hunan Province)
Very Important Satsuma Porcelain Lamp, mounted in Gilt Bronze and silk shade (very damaged, but historical), 19th century, Napoleon III period, Great decoration.
A pair of Porcelain Covered Vases with roosters and hens, bearing an apocryphal imperial mark. China, 20th century.
Suite of 3 netsukes called "katabori" (in the shape of human being or animals), representing three merchants of victuals, rice, fruits, one is lying down near his goods, the two others are standing. Period: Menji - 1868-1912 Circa: 1870 - 1900
Boxes, Decorative Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Cigar Boxes

Tea Box, 19th Century

Tea box, 19th century, China H: 15 cm, W: 23 cm, D: 17 cm
Other Objects and Furniture

Perfume Burner, Art Deco

Perfume Burner, Art Deco, 1930, gold and green porcelainH: 13 cm, D: 12 cm
Bowls and Baskets

Cup, Pink Family

Cup, Pink Family, 19th century.D: 35 cm, h: 15 cm
Guanyin holding a scepter in one hand and a porcelain lotus leaf basket in the other. White China. Double mark on the back. Perfect condition. Measures: H 47 cm, W 18 cm, L 12 cm.

Asia has produced wonderful objects over the centuries and is a key part of the history of art. You will find among our collection ceramic and porcelain objects, sculptures, art objects, furniture, fabrics and paintings.

Asian art for indoor and outdoor use of the highest quality.

Give the taste of the Great Interior Decorators to your home by installing Asian Art of Great Decoration or Minimalist with very decorative art objects that have a lot of spirit.

Asian GildedWood Furniture and Objects, Chinese Art and Japanese Art, from Ming to Qing, Chinese Style , Buddhist Art, Altars, Temples,Antique Wood or BronzeSculptures of AsianArt.Asian Art objects such as bronzes, cloisonne, jades, lacquers, furniture, paintings, porcelains and textiles from Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan...Archaeological pieces from ancient civilizations.
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