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Sconce with Steel

Sconce with Steel Measures: Height 113 in. (287.02 cm)Width 16 in. (40.64 cm)Depth 10 in. (25.4 cm) 4kg.
Louis Poulsen, outdoor lamp in black by Poul Henningsen. Measures: Width x height x length (mm) 283 x 909 x 283, 3.6 kg Material: Black-lacquered stainless steel. Ground anchor: If your bollard is to be installed in-ground you will need a ground anchor (ordered separately).
Louis Poulsen, outdoor wall lamp in black by Poul Henningsen Measures: Width x height x length (mm) 283 x 239 x 336, 2.4 kg Material: Shades and arm in black lacquered stainless steel. Rear housing: aluminum.
Chandeliers and Pendants

Louis Poulsen, Wall Lamp by Arne Jacobsen.

AJ Eklipta
Louis Poulsen, wall lamp by Arne Jacobsen. Size: 22 x 10,5 x 22 cm, 0,6 kg -850 euros (E27 or LED 3000k) 35 x 10 x 35 cm, 3,3 kg - E27 - 1000 euro or LED 3000k - 1400 euro 45 x10 x 45 cm, 5,9 kg - E27 - 1000 euro or LED 3000k - 1700 euro Material: Mouth-blown white opal glass. Rear housing in white lacquered aluminium.
Louis Poulsen, outdoor wall lamp by Cristian Flindt We have tree size: Small 20 x 6 cm - 720 euro, Medium 30 x 8 cm - 880 euro, Lagre 40 x 10 cm - 1100 euro. Colors: brown, white, grey.
Outdoor lamps

Outdoor lamp by Louis Poulsen

Toldbod 155 Borne
Outdoor lamp by Louis Poulsen 155 x 900 x 267 mm, 2.3 kg Material: Aluminum with textured surface.

At Galerie Martynoff Paris we give interest to outdoor lighting, what is more beautiful than a well lit house outside, it highlights the beauty of the beautiful stones, slates of the roof and outdoor lighting to bring to life a fountain or a pretty driveway lined with trees and flowers at the end of the day.
Outdoor lighting by the style of your home can be modern, vintage or classic with outdoor lamps consisting of lanterns, floor lamps and outdoor sconces.
At Galerie Martynoff Paris you can buy classic or modern, vintage and contemporary outdoor lamps in materials for your outdoor lighting like bronze, metal, glass, stone and marble..
You can find great names in lighting like Louis Poulsen..
The different styles of contemporary and modern, vintage, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Louis XV, Louis XVI of the nineteenth century to the twenty-first century, you can find your happiness with outdoor lamps of historical quality, aesthetic and qualitative!
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