Rectangular Crystal Tray, FONT model, XXIst century. Large rectangular tray with handles in contemporary style, in colored crystal. A beautiful tray can serve as a versatile centerpiece, providing a focal point that links the elements of a room with elegance and grace. Production lead time: 2 to 6 weeks
Set of Ashtrays in brass "Bamboo" Сe imitation bamboo ashtray is a trendy decorative item that will look great in any room. This very attractive accessory is enhanced by a vintage brass finish.
Set of bowls in travertine The Bowls are a perfect statement piece on your coffee table. It is skilfully made of travertine, a natural stone that is rich in detail and texture.

Set of bowls in marbre

Set of bowls in marbre The bowls in marbre are the ideal pieces to house fruit or to make a sculptural statement on a coffee table
Large bronze tray with double golden and brown patina, elegantly scrolled shape,With a decor of babies playing on the beach and golden langoustines adorning the top of the cup.Napoleon III period, end of the 19th century, a beautiful workmanship.W: 42 cm / D: 30 cm
Decorative pewter tray with a crowned dragon motif.H: 2 cm, W: 28 cm, D: 20 cm


Vide-poche in the format of a can cap, blue enameled porcelain, 20th century. Measures: D 27 cm, H 7 cm.
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