Games table

Table-à-jeux sets the mood for modern or classic interior design.
At Galerie Martynoff Paris, we love Empire-style, 19th-century or Louis XV and Louis XVI gaming tables, with their gilded bronzes and precious wood marquetry.
We offer our customers modern, vintage and contemporary table games for modern settings or a tasteful blend of styles.
We offer tables-à-jeux by designers or fine modern decorating houses who create and imagine new forms with materials such as bronze, glass, crystal, precious woods, mahogany, marble or ceramics.
We love large, classically decorated gaming tables for the aesthetic interest they bring to an interior, as well as for their historical interest.
Art Deco or Art Nouveau gaming tables offer delicate designs and soft, beautiful shapes.
We love table games for the good times they bring with friends and family.
We have table games in the Napoleon III, Louis XV and Louis XVI styles, as well as modern, vintage and contemporary ones.
We have table games in wood and precious wood veneer, as well as creations by designers and fine contemporary furniture houses.
We offer tables-à-jeux by leading interior designers in styles such as Napoleon III, with gilded bronzes and precious wood marquetry, as well as minimalist, streamlined shapes for modern and contemporary tables-à-jeux.

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