Dining Room Tables

Dining Room Tables

Oval Travertine Dining Table "Coloss"

KK Paris
Oval Travertine Dining Table "Coloss" This dining table is an exceptional piece. Made of travertine and having a large size, it will be a remarkable decoration for your dining room. All details are in walnut root veneer
Dining Room Tables

Marble Oval Dining Table in Various Marbles

KK Decodive
Marble Oval Dining Table in Various Marbles Paired with a beautiful satin brass base, the striking geometric patchwork marble top brings bold elegance to any dining room. Dining
Dining Room Tables

Round Table "Colone" in Marble

KK Avalanche
Colone" round table in marble Minimalist design and meticulous details. The wide white marble table top and the ultra-modern base pull on the strings of art. Table in Carrara marble, polished brass (glossy finish).
Dining Room Tables

Pane" Round Iron and Glass Dining Table

KK Allure
Pane" round dining table in iron and glass Elegant round dining table with a sophisticated glass top on an exotic interlaced iron base. Table in gold powder (matte finish), bronze glass (tempered glass).
Dining Room Tables

Original Brass and Glass Dining Table "Branche

KK Enchanted
Original brass and glass dining table "Branche Our artisans have masterfully captured the alluring essence of an enchanted forest with this dining table. This dining table features smoked glass (tempered glass), aged brass (glossy finish), black lacquer (glossy finish).
Dining Room Tables

Magnificent Dining Table in Metal "Curved"

KK Ruban
Beautiful "Curve" metal dining table The playful base of this luxurious metal dining table is topped with an immaculate rectangular glass top. Made of bronze glass (tempered glass), broken gold leaf (glossy finish) and black lacquer (glossy finish).
Large metal and glass "Wave" design dining table Clear glass dining table with a vogue shaped aluminum base. Perfect for a large dining room with a modern design, Made of smoked glass (tempered glass) and finished in gold chrome (glossy finish).
Dining Room Tables

"Flora" Wood, Glass and Metal Dining Table

KK Yasmine
"Flora" Wood, Glass and Metal Dining Table This beautiful dining table has a golden flower shape with a metal covered wood base and glass top. ref KK Yasmine
Dining Room Tables

Leaf" Wooden Dining Table

Boca Patch
Wooden Dining Table "Leaf Table with an ebony leaf inlay top. The base is made of wood, lined with gold leaf. Finished in glossy varnish.
Dining Room Tables

Chess" Oval Dining Table in Marble

Boca Pietra Oval
Oval Marble Dining Table "Chess" Design Oval table in white marble. Two turned marble legs.
Dining Room Tables

Retro" Wooden Dining Table

Boca Royal
Retro" Wooden Dining Table The surface of the table is made of rosewood veneer, with patchwork gluing. The legs are in glossy black lacquer.
Dining Room Tables

Atom" Design Dining Table in Metal

Boca Newton
Atom Metal Design Dining Table Constructed from brass spheres, assembled to produce an exceptional pattern and structure, it is finished in black lacquer and gold plated. The surface texture, designed to resemble cut wood, is also gold plated.
Dining Room Tables

Acacia" Modern Wooden Dining Table

Boca Bonsai
Acacia" Modern Wooden Eating Table Handcrafted wood table with an irregular surface finish and unique faceted shape. Finished in poplar wood/ rainforest green glossy lacquer.
Dining Room Tables

Brass and Walnut Modern Table "Coquillage

Boca Metamorphosis
Modern brass and walnut table The surface of this dining table is made of walnut root veneer and includes special textured details that depict a fossil. This piece also features polished brass details to fill out the stately base.
Dining Room Tables

Wood and Polished Brass "Tree" Design Table

Boca Fortuna
Design table in wood and polished brass "Tree" Crafted from wood and polished brass, this high-end dining table incorporates rich nature-inspired design, industrial welding techniques and a hand-etched top that emulates the contours of log rings, reminiscent of a tree's timeline. Underneath the 8-seat dining table's expansive top is an elegant composition...
Dining Room Tables

Large Wood and Metal Table "Stonehenge

Boca Empire
Wood and metal table "Stonehenge" The surface of this dining table is mahogany/poplar root, covered with a thin wood veneer, with polished brass details to fill in the cracks. The legs, also in mahogany, are finished in the same way, with polished brass leaves. Can be customized in terms of finishes and dimensions, for an additional charge.
Dining Room Tables

Astro Dining Table

Astro Dining Table Natural oak veneer with medium bronze finish
Dining Room Tables

Astro Dining Table

Astro dining table Mocha oak veneer with brushed brass finish
Dining Room Tables

Sieste Dining Table

Sieste Dining Table Classic black | clear glass 230 x 100 x H. 77 cm
Dining Room Tables

Atlas Dining Table

Atlas Dining Table Grey marble | Mocha oak veneer ø 132 x H. 76 cm
Dining Room Tables

Arthur Dining Table

Arthur Dining Table Washed oak veneer | Brushed brass finish ø 152 x H. 75 cm
Dining Room Tables

Oval Dining Table, 2 colours

Oval Dining Table, 2 colours Oak veneer, faded | Brushed brass finish Oak veneer anthracite | Bronze finish 200 x 120 x H. 74,5 cm
Dining Room Tables

Persia Dining Table, 2 colors

Persia Dining Table, 2 colours Oak veneer, faded | Brushed brass finish Oak veneer anthracite | Bronze finish ø 140 x H. 76 cm
Dining Room Tables

Eucalyptus Dining Table, 2 sizes

Eucalyptus Dining Table, 2 sizes Smoked eucalyptus veneer, polished ø 100 x H. 76 cm - 2600 euro ø 150 x H. 78 cm - 4100 euro
Dining Room Tables

Wheat Sheaf Dining Table

Wheat Sheaf Dining Table Antique gold finish | Clear bevelled glass ø 130 x H. 76 cm
Dining Room Tables

Abu Dhabi Dining Table

Abu Dhabi Dining Table Polished stainless steel | Clear glass 210 x 96 x H. 76 cm
Dining Table,Dining table Art Modernw.220 cm d.110 cm h.75 cmw.240 cm d.110 cm h.75 cmMacassar Ebony wood veneerProduction time: 6 weeks

Dining tables are the heart of the dining room, offering the opportunity to gather with family and friends in comfort and refinement.

At Galerie Martynoff Paris we love Louis XV, Louis XVI and Napoleon III style dining tables for their great decorative interest, with gilded bronze decorations, marquetry, woods such as mahogany, walnut, ash and also marble, stone, travertine dining tables..
We like to propose dining tables with modern, contemporary shapes, dining tables designed by talented architects or designers, dining tables in bronze, glass, crystal or stone.
Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century dining tables from the Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire, Louis Philippe and Transition periods are remarkable for their fine craftsmanship by great cabinetmakers!
The modern, vintage and contemporary dining tables offered by Galerie Martynoff Paris are equally remarkable for their original materials and minimalist shapes.
Dining tables in bright, fun colors brighten up your interior.
We offer beautiful Art Deco and Art Nouveau dining tables in soft, pleasing shapes.
Give your home a taste of the great interior designers by installing a highly decorative or minimalist dining table.
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