Cookie and gilt bronze sculpture, 19th century. Cookie and gilded bronze group, 19th century sculpture, Napoleon III period, representing an interior scene in the 19th century.
Important Bronze Sculpture by Louis Grégoire, 19th Century. Bronze sculpture with two figures, representing two young women conversing, bronze with golden patina, signed Louis Grégoire, titled "La Confidence", 19th century antique, Napoleon III period.
Bronze sculpture "Combat de Cerfs". Bronze sculpture in the Napoleon III style, 20th century, Le Combat des Cerfs.
Nineteenth-century porcelain sculpture, Elégante à son Ecritoire . Nineteenth-century porcelain, Napoleon III period, depicting an elegant woman at her writing table, writing a love letter with Cupid's help, very fine workmanship.
Sculpture by Paolo Orlando, Title: "La Femme Aquarium" Sculpture in resin and cement and wooden base signed by the artist Paolo Orlando, illuminating sculpture, title of work: " la Femme Aquarium ", XXIst century, coral ornament in resin.
Sculpture by Paolo Orlando, Title: "Confusion Metal, resin and acrylic sculpture on wooden base signed by artist Paolo Orlando, title of work: "Confusion", 21st century.
Pair of sculptures representing American Indians forming a planter Planters, pair of sculptures, Venetian work of the XIXth century or beginning of the XXth century representing American Indians, couple of an Indian warrior with his wife, beautiful quality of sculpture on tripod bases with 3 Nubian masks, original sheet metal tub in the planters.
Sculpture of David Vainqueur, Napoleon III period Important bronze sculpture with brown patina, signed A. Mercier, cast by Colas, signed F. Barbedienne, representing "David Vainqueur", XIXth Century, Napoleon III period
Couple of Elegants in Period Dress, Porcelain. Pair of porcelain sculpture representing a couple of elegant in period dress in blue colors, gallant scene of the early twentieth century.
Bronze sculpture, signed Mathurin Moreau, "La Pêcheuse" Important bronze sculpture by Mathurin Moreau, XIXth Century, Napoleon III period, representing a fisherwoman sitting on a rock, with the title "La Pêcheuse", rotating base, brown shaded patina.
Bronze Sculpture of the XIXth Century of Louis XV Style Beautiful bronze sculpture of the XIXth century on its base in blackened wood of Louis XV style, representing a child who is peeing, very beautiful patina and great quality of chiselling.
Fine Art, Decorative Objects

Ceramic of Magne "The Rooster"

Ceramic of Magne "The Rooster" Terracotta sculpture by Magne, The Rooster, XXth Century.

We like to offer our customers beautiful sculptures, figurative or abstract sculptures allowing a wide choice of interior decorations.

At Galerie Martynoff Paris we offer marble sculptures, stone sculptures and beautiful 19th century sculptures in gilded and patinated bronze.
With large decorative sculptures to adorn your garden with a soft and romantic atmosphere or modern sculptures to give your interior some pep.
We like the Napoleon III period sculptures in bronze or marble, the early 20th century sculptures with Art Nouveau or Art Deco sculptures with soft and decorative atmospheres.
It is a very nice decoration to install a beautiful marble sculpture on a nice piece of furniture or on a column in your living room or for the entrance.
For the sculptures, the different styles and periods bring a wide choice of taste and kind, the contemporary and design sculptures bring with materials like metal, resin or terracotta sculptures, a lot of originality.
We offer monumental sculptures for large pieces with a strong character.
The Martynoff Gallery sincerely believes that when surrounded by beautiful sculptures, we are always well accompanied at home.
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