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Furniture set composed of a Pair of Vases and a Fan-shaped Chest, 19th Century. Furniture set composed of a pair of vases in white enameled porcelain and gilt bronze with a fan-shaped box in enameled porcelain with gold highlights, hand-painted gallant scene, Napoleon III, 19th century, large decoration.
Crystal vase, GRAND MAN model, 21st century. By placing fresh flowers in a beautiful crystal vase, you bring a dynamic touch of nature indoors, creating a harmonious link between the inside and the outside world. This vase is inspired by the architectural lines of the Manhattan skyline and the soft, natural curves of a seashell. The Man vase is...
Crystal Vase, Model IHO, 21st century. Whether presented on its own or as part of a decoration, a beautiful crystal vase adds a touch of sophistication, transforming a simple composition into a captivating visual experience. Estimated production time: 2 to 6 weeks.
Crystal vase, HAR model, 21st century. Its transparent elegance allows it to blend in with different decorating styles, making it a versatile and refined accessory. Estimated production time: 2 to 6 weeks
Crystal vase, UTA model, 21st century. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a crystal vase becomes a captivating focal point, refracting light and enhancing the overall ambience of the room. Estimated production time: 2 to 6 weeks.
Crystal vase, MAM model, 21st century. The delicacy and craftsmanship of a crystal vase make it not only a container, but also a work of art that enhances the aesthetic value of floral arrangements or decorative elements. Estimated production time: 2 to 6 weeks
Crystal vase, AMA model, 21st century. A magnificent crystal vase is a timeless symbol of sophistication, adding a touch of luxury to any interior space. Estimated production time: 2 to 6 weeks.
Important Pair of Sèvres Porcelain Covered Vases. Large pair of covered vases in Sèvres porcelain, cobalt blue with gold highlights and patinated gilt bronze, 19th century, Napoleon III period.
Pair of Large Pots, Chinese decor, XXth Century. Pair of Large Porcelain Covered Vases decorated with blue Chinese motifs, scenes of children playing on a terrace, 20th century, China.
Rare Pair of Sèvres Porcelain Covered Vases, 19th Century. Pair of important covered vases in Sèvres porcelain and chased and gilded bronze, 19th century, Napoleon III period, very fine chasing and high quality decoration.
Ceramic Art Nouveau style vase by Victor Sanglier. Late 19th century Art Nouveau style ceramic and silver vase by Victor Sanglier for the Manufacture de Sèvres .
Pair of 19th Century Bohemian Vases. Pair of cut crystal vases, gold enamel, overlay, Bohemian crystal Bohemian crystal from the mid-19th century.
Pair of Enameled Porcelain, Gilt Bronze and Onyx Vases. Pair of vases in the Théodore Deck taste in enameled porcelain, original gilt bronze mount, onyx plaque on the base, late 19th century, Napoleon III period, large decoration.
Vase, by BLAIN "La Borne". Sculpture, Vase, stoneware in the manner of "Carriès", by BLAIN "La Borne".
Candelabras, Candlesticks, More Candle Holders, Cassolettes

Pair of Small Vases in Sevres Porcelain

Pair of Small Vases in Sevres Porcelain Pair of Small Vases in Sèvres Porcelain and Gilded Bronze, Napoleon III Period, 19th Century, Original gilding.
Vase in Opaline of Baccarat Beautiful Baccarat Opaline vase from the 19th century, ref: 3357

Galerie Martynoff Paris loves above all to present beautiful vases, bowls and voids, so valuable are they in the interior decoration of your home.
We offer you 19th century vases in crystal, gilt bronze, Paris porcelain or Saxony porcelain, of great decorative interest.
We have very nice bronze and cloisonné cups from the Napoleon III, Louis XV or Louis XVI style, as well as Empire and Restoration period cups.
Our Art Nouveau or Art Deco style vases in porcelain, crystal or gilded and silvered bronze are of a formidable finesse and delicacy, adding softness to your interior decoration.
We love modern vases with fun and colorful shapes, 1950's and 1960's ceramic vases, ceramic vases with all different textures.
Napoleon III period bowls representing the essentials of great interior design.
Original paper trays created by contemporary artists or great decorating houses.
Because it is an art of living, vases, bowls and trays are very emblematic of their styles and their periods of production, so they are very different and they each bring a very particular touch to your interior decoration.
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