Pair of Italian Carved and Gilded Wood Mirrors, circa 1850 Pair of carved and gilded wood mirrors, Italy, 19th century, 1850, carved with arabesque, flowers and women's masks, beautiful quality of gilding and carving.
Psyche Mahogany And Walnut Burr - Swivel Mirror - Ateliers L.Majorelle - period : Art Deco Exceptional mirror "psyche" in varnished wood, it consists of a frame at mid-height forming two columns in burr walnut, both lined with mahogany, its original mirror pivoting and rectangular shape is lined with mahogany, all rests on a large oak base. Fully restored...
Wall Mirrors

Wall object Cleveland

Wall object Cleveland Convex mirror glass | gold stripe - ref 114154 Convex mirror glass | blue stripe - 114153
Wall Mirrors

Wall Object Laguna S

Wall Object Laguna S  Concave mirror glass | solid blue - ref 113044 Concave mirror glass | hammered light green - ref 114148  Concave mirror glass | green - ref 113042 Concave mirror glass | antique gold - ref 113043 Concave mirror glass | solid gold- ref 114149 Concave mirror glass | multicoloured- ref 114150 Concave mirror glass | antique silver - ref...
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Museo

Mirror Museo Black finish
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Museo

Mirror Museo Black finish
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Estero

Mirror Estero Antique mirror glass
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Morongo

Mirror Morongo Brushed brass finish - ref 115083 Polished stainless steel - ref  114931 Gold finish - ref 113246 Bronze finish - ref  115085
Wall Mirrors

Mellon mirror

Mellon mirror Bevelled mirror glass
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Solaris

Mirror Solaris  Gold finish | convex mirror
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Bonheur

Mirror Bonheur Painted brass colour
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Laurel

Mirror Laurel Vintage brass finish | bevelled mirror glass
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Moonriver

Mirror Moonriver Amber mirror glass | bevelled mirror glass
Wall Mirrors

Mirror el Rio

Mirror el Rio Mirror glass | convex mirror effect
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Granduca

Mirror Granduca Bevelled mirror glass
Table Mirrors

Table mirror, Art Nouveau, 1920

Table mirror, Art Nouveau, 1920 Silver plated metal table mirror on mahogany, Art Nouveau period, 1920.
Other Mirrors

Bronze hand mirror, 19th century

Bronze hand mirror, 19th century A beautiful gilt bronze hand mirror with a miniature painted and signed on the back, 19th century, Napoleon III period.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Wheat Sheaf

E 112127
Mirror Wheat Sheaf  Antique gold finish
Table mirror in the shape of a bevelled crescent moon, around which a magnificent wooden sculpture, with rounded and muscular forms, representing Pegasus, wings spread, defender and protector of this very beautiful moon, looking towards the person who is looking at the mirror Period: 19th century
Regency gilded wood mirror Magnificent Regency gilded wood mirror, violin shape, with shell and scroll decorations. It has two small curved legs, its mercury mirror, its gilding and its parquet floor are original. Period: 18th century
Antiques, Vintage & Contemporary

Gilded Wood Mirror with Silver Leaf

Gilded wood mirror with silver leaf, antique mercury glass and glazing Louis XIV period, 18th century Dimensions: Height: 57cm x Width: 35cm x Depth: 4cm
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Kandinsky

Mirror Kandinsky Glossy walnut root veneer, glossy brass and copper, Flat mirror.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Palace

Mirror Palace Venetian mirror, glass, lacquered wood in dark red with a glossy lacquer finish.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Portraits

Mirror Portraits Mahogany Wood, Gold leaf, Smoked Mirror, Fixing support.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Liquid Metal

Mirror Liquid Metal Polished Casted Aluminum and mirror.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Puddle Round

Mirror Puddle Round Glossy hammered aged brass. Smoked Mirror.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Puddle

Mirror Puddle Glossy hammered aged brass. Smoked Mirror.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Leaves

Mirror Leaves Body: Brass, Mirror & Swarovski Crystals
Wall Mirrors

Mirror The Insects

Mirror The Insects  Mirror is made from brass.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Ice age

Mirror Ice age Materials: smoked glass and brass with crystal arms.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Pearl

Mirror Pearl Casted Brass, Niquel Plated Stainless Steel.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Solar System

Mirror Solar System Mahogany Wood, Gold leaf, Convex mirror, Fixing support finished in nickel.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Pixels

Mirror Pixels Product Features: Poplar, six different finishes: colored in champagne, rosewood veneer, convex mirror, gold leaf, silver leaf.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Fixe

Mirror Fixe  Set of hand-made brass nails with hand-made textures applied. Brass structure and fish-eye mirror.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Crystal

Mirror Crystal  Materials: polished brass and mirror
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Glass Shards

Mirror Glass Shards Materials: smoked glass and gold-plated brass.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Golden Curls

Mirror Golden Curls The mirror's structure is made from brass cords, gilded in 18k gold. It features a brass sheet which is hand hammered to achieve its concave shape. Also available in polished brass, or gilded in silver.
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Portal

Mirror Portal Convex mirror, Matte casted brass Height: 6 cm Diameter: 120 cm
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Calla Lilies

Mirror Calla Lilies Structure: Aged brass with high glass finish Height: 11 cm Diameter: 129 cm
Wall Mirrors

Mirror One Ring

Mirror One Ring Mahogany Wood, Gold leaf, Mirror, Fixing support Height: 12 cm Diameter: 120 cm
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Window

Mirror Window Materials: polished brass and mirror Height: 101 cm Width: 3 cm Depth: 168 cm
Wall Mirrors

Mirror Snake

Mirror Snake Structure: Aged gold Leaf high gloss finish Height: 135 cm Width: 105 cm Depth: 8 cm
Trumeau Mirrors

Colosseum Mirror

Colosseum Mirror Brass, Marble Height: 210 cm Width: 85 cm Depth: 65 cm

Choose a mirror that fits into the decoration of your living space, a mirror that can transmit more light to your house or apartment. You will find in our collection of mirrors, wall mirrors, overmantels, large mirrors, psyches, and other mirrors unclassifiable by their originality. The wide variety of styles of our mirrors will allow you to choose with confidence the mirror that suits you.

From Louis XV and Louis XVI style mirrors, to Design mirrors, Napoleon III and Empire style mirrors... You can navigate between styles and eras.

Mirrors for the interior or for the exterior of beautiful quality.
Wall mirrors, overmantels, large mirrors, psyches, Empire, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Design and Vintage interior decorators, beautiful Antiques or very contemporary to mix them with Works of Art.

Give the taste of the Great Interior Decorators to your home by installing Great or Minimalist Mirrors.

Play with materials such as Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Bronze, Gilding, Glass and Crystal, metal such as brass and contemporary shapes from the 1980's or beautiful Antique furniture and Modern Design and Colors.
Among our Mirrors, you will discover the Great Contemporary Decoration Houses and the Magnificent Styles of the last Centuries.
Look, you are the most beautiful ;-)
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