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Watercolor on paper, double-sided drawing, 1962. Watercolor on paper depicting a mimosa blossom on one side and tree foliage on the other, signed and dated 1962 in Acton, USA.

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Philippe Starck: The Art of Innovative Design

Philippe Starck: The Art of Innovative Design

Philippe Starck is a name that has resonated in the world of design for decades. This French designer, renowned for his unique style and avant-garde vision, has left an indelible mark on interior design, architecture, furniture and much more. In this blog, we delve into the creative world of Philippe Starck and discover what makes him such an icon of contemporary design. read more

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19th Century Porcelain: An Art of Living and Innovation

19th Century Porcelain: An Art of Living and Innovation

Nineteenth-century porcelain illustrates a fascinating chapter in the history of art. It remains a testament to the technical ingenuity and aesthetics of its time, continuing to inspire collectors and art admirers to this day. read more
Discover the Timeless Elegance of the Louis XV Style

Discover the Timeless Elegance of the Louis XV Style

The Louis XV style, born in 18th-century France during the reign of Louis XV, embodies opulence and elegance in furniture. This style is a reaction against the rigid symmetry of the previous style, emphasizing grace, lightness and nature. Distinctive features of Louis XV furniture include curved lines, delicate ornamentation, the use of precious woods, comfortable seating and a feeling of lightness. Iconic pieces include the bergère, commode, dressing table and bureau. To incorporate this style into your decor, it's advisable to mix styles, look for delicate details and use luxurious fabrics. In short, Louis XV furniture continues to fascinate with its timeless aesthetic and refinement. read more

Galerie Martynoff Paris brings together a wide variety of objects, each more beautiful than the last, in the heart of the famous Marché Biron in Saint Ouen. A wide choice of furniture,objets d'art, vintageworks, paintings, chandeliers and prestigious sculptures can be discovered on our website. Galerie Martynoff Paris also offers a wide range of furniture for interior decoration, lighting, mirrors and armchairs, in a modern and contemporary style

The entire Galerie team is dedicated to promoting the highest quality antiques,modern art andcontemporary art to its worldwide clientele of amateurs, interior design enthusiasts and our prestigious decorator clients.

Among the Gallery's missions, the first is to restore value to antique works of art, giving them a second life and restoring their history. These objects are traces of specific civilizations and eras, and have great historical value. They are equally at home in a museum interior or in a modern living room as decorative objects. These objects can be sculptures, tables, paintings, jewelry, seats, lighting fixtures, etc..

Galerie Martynoff sees itself as a modern ambassador of the Grand Siècle, because it loves gilding, beautiful woodwork, the fine quality of noble textiles and spectacular decorations .

"I sincerely believe that what we offer our customers is not just merchandise, it is a spirit, an opening onto other horizons, orientalist journeys or towards the Rising Sun, the savoir vivre à la française, à l'italienne, à l'anglaise..."

Galerie Martynoff is also very fond of the minimalism of the pure, soft forms ofcontemporary and modern art, because in addition to being styles that are closer in time, modern and contemporary artoffers a simplicity that is always original, whether in pieces of furniture, paintings or other decorative elements.Contemporary art can also be seen in the jewelry, seating and armchairs on display on the website.

The aim of Galerie Martynoff Paris is also to enable our passionate customers to perfect their interiors by offering them furniture in antique, modern, and contemporary styles, such as lighting, seating, decorative elements, tables and coffee tables. The wide range of choices in this category allows you to discover numerous designer artists (Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen...), famous decorators (NOOOR agency, Jacques Garcia...) and major decorating houses (Lalique, Louis Poulsen...). For several years now, we have been working closely with leading interior designers such as Alberto Pinto and the talented decorator Jean-Louis Deniot. These relationships with the finest Frenchand international decoratinghouses enable the Galerie to consider all works of art, antique and modern , as a whole, serving to decorate an interior. The Galerie Martynoff team also devotes particular attention to interior design, developing a service devoted exclusively to it: Galerie Martynoff Interiors.

Galerie Martynoff Interiors is a new Galerie service. This service enables our customers to benefit from quality advice and suggestions drawn from all the Galerie's experience in the field of prestige interior design. We believe that theinteriors of our customers' homes and apartments should be as pleasing as possible, and Galerie Martynoff Interiors is the service for creating a pleasant ambience. With modern, contemporary, a ntique or mixed styles, as we like to propose, everyone can find something to delight them. Classic or modern, intimate or gigantic, La Galerie is at home in all disciplines, with comfort and quality as its watchwords. Our wide-ranging style palette, imbued with a variety of cultural influences, harmoniously blends the ancient with the modern, adapting to the most intimate settings as well as the largest spaces. We offer furniture and decorative elements such as armchairs, sofas, chairs, tables, coffee tables and lighting, as well asAsian art, with an eclecticism that's always on the lookout for new treasures. In this way, we can offer a wide choice of objects and therefore an infinite number of compositions for the living space.

We agree that in places that move with their beauty, time no longer matters. Time stands still in beautiful spaces. Contact with quality decoration and prestigious furniture in antique and modern styles is both an invitation to contemplation and an invitation to open up to the world, because interior design is an international art form that borrows its originality from many styles and many local particularities. A house or apartment decorated with sculptures, antique or modern paintings, Louis XV or Design furniture , orAsian objets d'art, for example, allows each person to never really be alone, to always be accompanied by the gaze of a quality bronze bust or a painting in bright, cheerful colors.

Appreciation of works of art and ofArt in general is part of a philosophy of life, with beauty considered a foretaste of Paradise.Art is generous, hospitable and comfortable. Galerie Martynoff is at the service of this way of thinking, at the service of quality and prestige, of the beautiful and the good, of the well-being of all those who will be touched by beautiful objets d'art such as lighting fixtures, tables, jewelry,Asian or Europeanart, contemporary or antique furniture. A range of quality works of art and prestigious furnishings so wide that everyone can find something to their liking through beautiful decoration.

Galerie Martynoff has always wanted to be very close to its customers,art lovers, collectors and gallery owners, all those with a passion for the beautiful and the rare. The entire sales organization is geared to customer comfort, and delivery is carried out by certifiedart transport professionals, anywhere in the world. The payment system is flexible: directly on the website, by swift transfer, etc..

The Galerie team hopes you enjoy browsing our website, and is always available by phone or e-mail to answer any questions you may have!

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