Oil on canvas, 19th century, Napoleon III period. Oil on canvas, beautiful 19th century painting representing an interior scene of a mother with her daughters, Napoleon III period, nice period wood and gilded stucco frame.
Oil on canvas from the XIXth Century, Important Carved Wood Frame. Painting, oil on canvas, French work from the 19th century, Napoleon III period, signed, carved wooden frame, restoration needed on the frame.
Painting, Bouquet of flowers, XXth century Oil on canvas, signed on the stretcher Laurence C, representing a bouquet of flowers, 20th century painting.
Oil Painting on Panel, signed "Linda Le Kinff". Painting with the title "Nathalie and the Giant Orchid", Beautiful Oil on panel, well framed by Linda Le Kinff, XXth century;
Painting of a woman, 20th century Painting, oil on canvas, of a young fashionable woman in a bathrobe, 20th century
Painting of a woman, 20th century Painting, oil on canvas signed and dated 1981, depicting a young woman in spring dress.
Painting of a man, 20th century Large painting of an old fashioned man in a red cape, 20th century, unsigned, unframed.
Early 19th Century Miniature Painting, Gilt Bronze Frame Miniature Portrait, Bust of a Woman by Frédéric Millet, Circa 1837, Louis-Philippe period with its pretty Gilt Bronze Frame Ref: 3364
Painting of a Child in Military Costume Oil on canvas painting of a Child in Military Costume from the 19th Century, Louis Philippe period. ref: 3358
Painting, Miniature from the XIXth Empire Period Nice Miniature of the XIXth Century representing a Man in Elegant Dress by Madame Corchand. Signed " Aoust 1813 MME CORCHAND"
Oil on Canvas, 19th Century Painting Painting representing a 19th Century portrait, Restoration Period, with its Original Frame.
19th Century Child Portrait, Circa 1820. Beautiful 19th century child portrait in its original frame, pupil of Jean-Baptiste Greuze, certainly Jeanne Philibert Ledoux, 1820.
Nue, oil on canvas, 20th century.Paris School, Evelyne Luez.H: 55 cm, l: 81 cm
Bouquet of FlowersPainting on canvas round, 20th century.D: 40 cm, p: 2 cm.
Landscape of Falaises, twentieth century.Painting on cardboard, framedEvelyne Luez, Paris school.H: 37 cm, l: 51 cm, p: 1.5 cm
The Violoncellist in Concert, 20th century.Evelyne Luez, School of Paris.Oil on canvasH: 81 cm, W: 100 cm, D: 2 cm
Woman posing for a portrait, 20th century.Evelyne Luez, School of Paris.Oil on canvasH: 65 cm, W: 81 cm, D: 2 cm
Nue woman Looking in a Mirror, painting on isorel, XXth century.Evelyne Luez, Ecole de Paris.H: 46 cm, l: 38 cm, p: 0.5 cm
Field and Mountain, Painting on Wood, 20th century.Evelyne Luez, Ecole de Paris.H: 27 cm, l: 35 cm, p: 0.5
Nue woman, oil on canvas, 20th century. Evelyne Luez, Paris School H: 81, l: 65 cm, p: 2 cm
Portrait of Jesus, Oil on Tile, 20th century. H: 31.5, l: 24 cm
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